Maize Quest’s “The Power of “We”” – Alleviating loneliness with collaboration.

Being a small, farm business owner can be a lonely life. Long hours and geographic isolation, plus the isolation of being a business owner when everyone else has a job, makes it a tough road.
The toughest part isn’t being alone, though, it’s the isolation from the feedback, community and ideas of others.
Fortunately, that isolation need no longer be so deep. I’ll share with you a few tips and tricks to alleviate the isolation and open your business to fresh ideas and feedback from other business owners online.

NAFDMA online, year round. If you are reading this, you likely know that I’m a big supporter of the North American Farm Direct Marketing Association. it is the largest independent group of farm marketers and agritourism operators in the world.

(Aside: Why did I say “independent”? By independent, NAFDMA is a group that exists for, and is directed by, its members, and is, specifically, not controlled by a for-profit company, such as Maize Quest.)
NAFDMA recently made a big switch from being a convention-based organization to being a membership organization with benefits available all year, even if you don’t attend the annual convention. (You can read more about the membership benefits [CLICK] here.)

How to use Facebook for collaboration.One of the most widely accessed NAFDMA benefits is a Closed Facebook Group for members only. There I’ve seen questions from sky-diving farmers to peanut butter recipes to vendor recommendations. Each one a chance for brainstorming and sharing regardless of location or time of day.

Accessing a group like this can save you thousands of dollars and hours of time. The camaraderie of connecting with like minded business people is worth the low price of admission – Just $250 for a premium membership. (You’ve likely seen a dinner bill bigger than that!)  The neat thing is that the group is just one of the new benefits. (Have you seen the magazine? Email me for more info if you like.)

Buy the class, get the group included. The Private VIP Facebook Group is creating big value in our Agritourism Manager Boot Camp Class as well. It is so wonderful to be with a group of people, all working on the same problems at the same time.

Members post their homework assignments and get feedback and accountability from other classmates. (It was fun to see all the last minute crammers post the night before the assignment was due. Took me back to high school!)

Why this all matters.

  1. You can’t think of everything. Tap the Power of ‘We” by connecting with other like-minded individuals.
  2. We all need to connect and share as human beings. It’s good for us to talk, vent, solve, and receive help.
  3. Geography is no longer a limitation. Neither is time.
You can do it, too. Setting up a group is as easy as 5 clicks from your Facebook Home Page.
  1. Choose an “Open Group” for public topics.
  2. Choose a “Closed Group” for limited access
  3. Choose “Secret Group” for your own VIPs.

Invite some friends and collaborate, share pictures, videos, files, add questions and have discussions without being limited by space or time.

There is no longer a need to be alone in business and go without the benefit of peer-to-peer interaction each week or even each day.

 That is something you to which you can assign a great value.

I hope to connect with you soon.

Have a great week,