I’m sorry. Where has 2013 gone?

I really am sorry. It’s been a crazy 12 months full of opportunities, struggles and just life in general. I know that many of you have enjoyed reading my blog/email about agritourism, business ownership and farm life. This year I just couldn’t do everything I wanted to; I just couldn’t get the time to write for you and I’m sorry. 

I never really thought I’d be a writer, and you can tell my style is pretty informal – to say it politely. Hearing back from so many friends in the farm entertainment industry has made it a life-line for me, and hopefully for you. Through writing, I found that I was not alone. There were other crazy people just like me trying to figure things out. Trying to make their businesses work better. Trying to be more profitable, just as I was and as I am. 

So, I hope you’ll accept my apology. Heck, you can write to me about your crazy year, too. I’ll listen. 

The good news is this: I learned a lot this year. I got put through the wringer of change and new ideas and I’d like to share them with you over the winter months and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to hold it together throughout the 2014 season for you. 

There is much more ready to come your way. If you’d take just 2 minutes, I’d love to hear from you what you specifically are interested in learning about over the winter months. Click here to check a few boxes and help me get aimed in the right direction. 

Thanks for reading, emailing, comment and all the encouragement over the years. As we go into our 18th season at the Maize Quest Fun Park, I look forward to learning and growing together with you. 

Have a great week, 

PS Would you like a preview? Let me share this: We didn’t have a perfect crew this year, did visit Great Wolf Lodge (3 part series), hired a marketing company (yes, I hired a marketing company), experimented with an aerial drone, had the largest 7 days of farm and maze revenue in our history, we’re completely renovating our computer/files/server system, and we increased pumpkin sales 62%.

It’s all coming up through the blog. Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

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