Life on the Farm: Black Cherries


The start of the summer fruit season is always a hectic, rejuvenating time. Lindsey and Dee have been non-stop for three days cleaning, sanitizing, merchandising, stocking, basically reclaiming the market from winter storage room! We’ve installed lights and boxed in the market’s overhanging porch roof. It’s a continuous cycle of improvement. It’s…. seasonal.

The winter was so cold, dreary and snowy it was hard to picture the farm buzzing with guests picking and shopping, but now the sun has triumphed over the rain and I can’t think of anything better than welcoming guests to the orchards. The cherries pictured above will not be available as I had to sample a few for … uh… quality control purposes 🙂

The Maze Fun Park is under renovations for the 2011 season that include some new attractions, but a lot of updating and freshening of tried and true favorites. This is the 15th annual corn maze season coming up and many of our attractions are approaching 10 years old, so it was time.

I don’t know about your house, but we’ve been in ours for around 10 years and everything seems to have hit it’s life-span. We’ve replaced the dishwasher (the appliance, NOT my wife :-), the washer, the dryer, repainted, even had a toilet go bad! That must just be the life-span of stuff!

Many of you know me and know that I, other than the expense involved (I am a Scottish farmer after all which makes me, uh…”thrifty”), don’t really mind “new”. I like the future. I like making changes. I like what’s “next”. What’s next here is our gorgeous crop of sweet cherries.

See you soon on the farm,

Blog regulars: I’m posting the Life on the Farm articles I write for our farm’s newsletter because so many readers ask for examples of how to write for their farms – Well, here you go!

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