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Quickbooks Online Version
Details, details, details. Accounting is all about details, and I am not a detail person. Luckily, I am a determined person, so when the opportunity arose for me to be a part of the AgChoice Farm Credit AgBix Masters program, I took it. It was great motivation to delve into my own accounting reports to learn more.

Familiarity is the first hurdle to mastery: Before you can know and understand any concept you have to be familiar with it. One of the hurdles to accounting for me was that the accounting software was on our office manager’s computer. If I wanted to look at the books, I had to kick her out or wait until she was done for the day.That might have been an excuse for not familiarizing myself with the book, but it’s a good one.

Quickbooks Online: We are growing our business every year, eventually I was going to have to grow up, in accounting terms, too. Since I needed access to my books from my desk, our bookkeeper’s desk, my invoicing agent Michelle’s desk – who works at home – and better, timely access for my new accountant/coach, Quickbooks online was the answer.

Super easy and convenient. If you can run Quickbooks, you can run Quickbooks Online.

-It all the same, just through your browser.
-Up to five people can have login IDs, each with a different access level.
-Payroll and payroll taxes set-up to pay online/efile.
-Working on merchant account tie-in.
-Reports galore and everyone can be on at the same time and everything updates instantly.

Here’s the big difference:
I’ve been in my books, looking at reports, assigning expenses, checking balances nearly every day this month. Michelle did all the billing for our entire system from her living room. Linda and I are correcting the categorization of expenses simultaneously.

I’m a believer. It took some time to get the switch done, but it was well worth it and we’re not even in our busy season.



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